Previous generations began planting the seeds that would bloom into
the Jimmy Rane Foundation long before it was established in 2000.
My father, Tony Rane, and other influential people in my life handed
down many lessons that have stuck with me through the years.
One lesson that made the biggest impression was that of helping
those in need.

That's what we set out to do when we established the Foundation.
It has continued to grow each year, and we recognize that this
growth would not be possible without the generous supporters who
believe in the Foundation's mission.

Since we awarded our first scholarship in 2002, over 250 worthy
students have benefited from receipt of a Jimmy Rane Foundation scholarship. Each well-deserving recipient embodies the traits we've come to recognize as a Jimmy Rane Foundation scholar: academically strong leaders with a desire to pursue a college education, overcome barriers and achieve success. These extraordinary students – many of whom have faced adversity – remain steadfast in the pursuit of their goals.

As the Foundation moves forward, it is my hope that for many years to come, we can continue
to make students' dreams of a college education a reality and that one day our Foundation
scholars will "give something back" for the next generation.

Thank you all for being a part of the Jimmy Rane Foundation. To our supporters, I want you
to know how much I appreciate your contributions and your willingness to provide students with 
the opportunity to receive a college education. To our scholarship recipients, it means 
a lot to know that future generations will benefit from your contributions as well.

Jimmy Rane - Founder